All people who are in the habit of playing in casinos are generally very superstitious. Many of them, use symbols, follow specific rituals or habits, as they believe that fulfilling a certain condition will have luck on their side. As casino games necessarily involve the concept of luck, superstitions are strongly disseminated among players. Discover the main superstitions of online casino in Singapore players and adopt for yourself the one that will bring you the most fortunate.

No Entrance No Casino

Like many football players who enter the field on the right foot, many gamblers have a specific ritual at the entrance to a casino. Many of them, enter through the door of the casino, leave soon after and come back in again. This is a very practised habit, but there are players who avoid it, there is controversy about the possibility of such a practice bringing bad luck.

There are also gamblers who don’t enter through the casino’s front door, like the MGM casino in Las Vegas, which has a lion’s mouth at the entrance. Players believe that being “swallowed” by the lion is a bad omen.

In Casino Games

Players have numerous superstitions in playing JDL online casino game, as they believe they are the only ones that bring good luck to their play. Are they:

  • Before placing the dice on the table, they must be blown and shaken hard into the cup to bring up the numbers desired by the players.
  • The number seven should not be pronounced while another player is playing, in order not to give him luck.
  • Dice players tend to always play with the same dice, as these tend to give them good results. Usually, they are only replaced when they fall off the table or make an unsatisfactory combination.
  • Many poker players don’t go into the game when a card falls to the ground. For many, this is a sign of bad luck, as the fall of the card can extend to the fall of the player.

In Clothing Colours

  • Black dresses are known as a source of bad luck; however, it is common for men to wear black without it being considered unlucky.
  • The red dress is often thought of as a lucky charm.
  • Many American casinos have the colour red in their names in order to attract lots of gamblers and money.

Us Amulets

There are certain objects that are considered lucky charms to the player who carries them. They tend to hold them in their hands and even kiss them at decisive moments. Among the most important are rabbit’s paws, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, precious stones and photos of loved ones.

In Money

  • Many gamblers believe that playing with money borrowed from a friend brings good luck
  • There are those who prefer to play with their own money, so as not to feel pressured in case of loss, believing that nervousness drives away good luck.
  • Do not leave too much money on the gaming table to avoid attracting the attention and bad fluids of other players envious of the success of the money owner.
  • Players do not like the fifties because they believe they are bad luck. Many refuse notes when offered as payment for their wagers.
  • While they are playing, punters do not recommend counting the money they have on the table, as this also attracts bad luck.

Us Numbers

The number seven is often the common lucky number among Westerners. On the other hand, Orientals prefer the number eight as a symbol of luck.

The number thirteen is considered a bad omen by almost all players. For example, most hotels in Las Vegas don’t have a 13th-floor elevator or rooms on that floor, because players believe it’s bad luck staying in that location.

Curious Superstitions

  • It is believed that a new player has more luck. This is called “beginner’s luck”.
  • Orientals believe that a virgin woman is naturally lucky, whereas a virgin man is unlucky.
  • Orientals also believe that a woman having a menstrual period is luckier.
  • A dog near a card table brings bad luck.

These are just some of the most common superstitions of casino players. They are not the only ones, as each player will be able to add personal characteristics and experiences to their own list, making the possibilities endless.

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