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Top 6 Movies About Casino Games

Casino games have the power to awaken in people the desire for a better and more prosperous future without much effort and this is due to all the glamour that casinos provide and the entourage that surrounds them. These events are visible in the seventh art and lead people to dream that they could also be the lucky ones. Discover the top 6 movies about casino games and choose the one that most identifies with you and your way of being in life.


The Casino movie starts at the end when the protagonist gets in his car and it explodes. From that moment on, the film is reported in first-person flashes. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and the main actor was Robert de Niro (Sam “Ace”). Sam was a sports gambler from the mafia who catches the attention of the bosses for his expertise and they ask him to run a casino, the Tangiers, which is controlled by corrupt people belonging to the Teamsters pension fund. After accepting the job, albeit reluctantly, his childhood friend Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) and prostitute Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone) appear on the scene, who becomes the love of Sam’s life.

Hard Eight

The film Hard Eight was made in 1996 and tells the story of a veteran gambler (Sydney) in his 60s who one day finds himself in a restaurant and sees a desolate and frustrated man (John) abroad because he has no money even to pay for your mother’s funeral. Offers to help him, takes him to Reno and teaches him tricks to earn money in casinos. On the Reno, John meets Clementine, a casino waitress to whom he becomes engaged and makes a new friend (Jimmy). Later, on their honeymoon, John discovers that Clementine was a prostitute while being held hostage by a client of his wife. Sydney is called to intervene and resolves the situation by telling the couple to go on their honeymoon to Niagara Falls. When the couple leaves on a trip, Sydney is blackmailed by Jimmy who says he knows his secret (he killed John’s father). Sydney relents and pays Jimmy what he asked, but then kills him.


Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) is a failed writer who, influenced by his father, takes a job as a London casino dealer. Jack is an expert at breaking casino rules and so he gets involved with a fellow professional who one day decides to go to his apartment where he lived with his girlfriend, Marion Nell (Gina Mckee) and talks about their relationship. The relationship that was no longer good, ended up breaking up.


Mike Mcdermott (Matt Damon) is an extraordinary poker player but unfortunately loses everything to Teddy KGB (John Malkovich) who owns illegal poker rooms. After that, he decides to straighten out his life and dedicates himself completely to his girlfriend Jo (Gretchen Mol) and to law school doing delivery services to pay the expenses. When his childhood friend Lester “Worm” Murphy (Edward Norton) gets out of jail, he looks for him and changes his life. Lester has a debt to pay and convinces Mike to help him by turning to poker.

Ocean’s Trilogy

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) gets out of prison and decides to get revenge on the ruthless businessman Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who has been pulling the wing for Danny’s ex-wife Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts). So Danny decides to gather a band of thieves to rob three casinos that belong to Terry, the Mirage, the Bellagio and the MGM Grand and thus withdraw 150 million dollars during a long-awaited boxing match. Among his troupe are Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) and the last of the eleven to be recruited is Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon). Their plan is successful and they manage to steal the money from the casino’s vault. The problem is that Terry discovers the perpetrators of the scam in Ocean’s Twelve and despite having received the insurance money he wants the eleven to give him back the money and with interest, otherwise they all die and once again the team does well and fulfils the task.

007 Casino Royale

After two grisly murders, agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) is promoted to 007. In his first mission, he follows several clues until he discovers that powerful terrorist banker Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) is taking part in a millionaire poker tournament in Montenegro in Casino Royale in order to try to recover money lost from its customers in a bad deal. Le Chiffre is a math whiz and plays chess very well which gives him very practical thinking when applied to poker. James Bond is the agent singled out by “M” (Judi Dench) head of MI6 to oversee Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the Bond Girl of this film, participate in the poker tournament and ensure that Le Chiffre doesn’t win and so Collapse your terrorist cell.